Educational technology. 39:19-26. 1999


• Use highlighting techniques conservatively and carefully, since they are likely to attract the reader’s attention (Apple Computer Inc., 1989; Galitz, 1989; Hartley, 1987; Heines, 1984; Isaacs, 1987; Rivlin, Lewis, & Davies-Copper, 1990). Underlining and blinking should only be used if they do not interfere with the legibility of the text (Heines, 1984; Merrill, 1988; Rivlin, Lewis, & Davies-Copper, 1990; Tullis, 1988). Flashing should be reserved for items that must convey an urgent need for attention. Reverse video can be an effective method in attracting the reader’s attention, but it should be used judiciously to avoid “crossword-puzzle effects” (Galitz, 1989, p. 61) when inversed blocks run into each other and make the test look like a filled-in crossword puzzle.

• Select a typeface with a simple, clean style and use a few typefaces in any one screen or multimedia program (Apple Computer Inc., 1989; Hartley, 1994). Most screens look best with no more than two different fonts, using different sizes and weights of each (Strauss, 1991)

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